POMEDECIManagement philosophy

Company Philosophy Creating Value for Customers

Creating Value for Customers through a Customer-Centric Technological Management approach, we strive to meet customer desires by leveraging a research system, production facilities, and technical expertise that align with global standards.

We aim to bring happiness to our customers through honesty and trust, upholding a foundation of sound management practices. With a pioneering spirit in seeking innovation, we embrace a creative management style that enables us to go beyond customer expectations, driven by new brands and outstanding technical capabilities.


To develop high-quality cosmetics of the highest standard and trusted by everyone, we have assembled specialized research personnel in each field. Additionally, we have introduced state-of-the-art experimental equipment and materials based on research infrastructure to maximize the efficacy and effectiveness of our cosmetics. Our goal is to become the best partner for our customers by continuously striving for advanced pre-technological development to realize the beauty our customers dream of.


The executives at Pomedeci have extensive experience in research and development, management, and distribution in the cosmetics industry spanning several decades. Our employees are young talents with rich ideas and creativity, and we handle everything in-house, from design to marketing and advertising. We aim to create a company where all employees become owners.


Instead of enticing customers with exaggerated advertising, we will satisfy them solely through the quality of our products. We aspire to be a conscientious company that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices, abandoning greed. Always considering the well-being of our customers' skin, we will provide products that make them happy and fulfill their essential needs. Our promise is to become a company that customers will seek out again and remember.