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Pomedeci specializes in producing cosmetics that meet customer demands through specialized research personnel in each field, aiming for the success of our clients. We strive to become the best partner for our customers by developing cutting-edge technologies that realize the beauty they dream of.

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R-119, 38, Wolgok-gil, Gangnae-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
  • TEL +82-43-236-8255
  • FAX +82-43-236-8256
  • E-mail korea@pomedeci.com
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For your inquiry on products usage through telephone or e-mail, the corresponding staff will quickly answer to your questions. Personal information handling policy

POMEDECI (hereinafter, ‘company') thinks customers’ personal information importantly and complies with "Law on information communication network usage promotion and information protection”. Company notifies to the customers in which usage and method the personal information provided by the customers are used and which measures are taken to protect personal information through personal information handling policy.

Company will announce the personal information handling policy revisions through web site announcement (or individual notice). This policy is enforced from 2023. 06. 01.

Article 1 (Personal information usage purpose)
Company uses personal information for the following purposes. Collected personal information is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if the usage purpose is changed, necessary actions will be taken such as receiving separate consent according to Personal Information Protection Act Article 18.

Information is used for the purpose of customer identity verification, inquiry verification, contact and notice to investigate fact and notification of the processing result.

Article 2 (Personal information collection page and category)
• Collection page: Inquiry
• Collection category:
- Name, e-mail address, contact point

Article 3 (Personal information keeping and usage period)
Company keeps the collected personal information according to the following standard.
• Personal information collected through customer support menu: 1 year
• Internet log record: 3 months
• Reason for exception: In the cases of investigation, survey, etc. for violation of relevant law, until the completion of the corresponding investigation and survey

Article 4 (Right to refuse personal information collection)
(1) User goes through consent process for personal information collected by the company, and it is collected only when user agrees.
(2) User may refuse personal information collection by not agreeing to personal information collection.