OEM/ODM Business

Business Introduction ONE-STOP SOLUTION

ONE-STOP SOLUTION from formulation development to finished product supply.

These product categories are developed through Pomedeci's research and development process.

Research and Development Product Categories

Skincare, Color cosmetics
Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair treatment, Wax, Gel, Spray, Various clinic products
Perming and straightening agents:
Cysteine perming, Thio perming, Various heat perming products
OTC Products
Hair dye, Anti-hair loss products, Topical ointments, Wool products, Hand sanitizers, Oral cleansing agents, Treatments
Basic and body care
Various skin care products, Lotions, Body cleansers, Body lotions, Foam cleansers, Sunscreens
Veterinary pharmaceuticals
Shampoo for animals, Animal conditioners, Ear cleaners, Eye cleaners, Oral hygiene products

6-Step QC System

  • STEP 1 Raw materials and packaging material testing
  • STEP 2 Raw material weighing process inspection
  • STEP 3 Manufacturing process inspection
  • STEP 4 Semi-finished product testing
  • STEP 5 Filling and packaging process inspection
  • STEP 6 Finished product testing